Android Rant Part 1 – Google Now


Google Now is awesome they say. Tells you all the information right when you need it, but there’s one glaring problem they forget to mention. The system is completely redundant. A quote from the Google Now website: “Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time.” Google Now is trying to notify you of things that may be important to you, which sounds all fine and dandy until you realize Android has a notification tray already built into the OS. On the right you can see a perfectly functioning notification tray showing someone their next appointment. This is extremely similar to Google Now notifying you of appointments other than the traffic information which could easily be included in the notification. This is true for almost all things featured in Google Now. Flight information, reservations, events, sports, movies, packages, etc. can all be displayed in the notification tray. In fact Google Now even gives you the option to display card notifications in the tray. So the fact that they don’t just put the information there by default is ludicrous. In the rare case that the notification system does not have the capability to do something and the Google Now app does it seems like it would be a much better use of Google’s time to add that feature to the notification system so 3rd party apps can make use of it instead of just adding pointless apps and randomness.

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