About Me


Who I am

Suit With Red TieHi I’m¬†Alexander Bandukwala. I’m a student, software engineer, mathematician and most of all a problem solver.

Currently I’m finishing up my last semester of college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette pursuing B.S.’s in Computer Science and Mathematics. I have always had a great love for technology. I’m extremely enthusiastic about application development and ways it could be used to change the way people perform their day to day tasks.

I’m also a huge fan of open source software. Being primarily a Linux user I believe that most people benefit through the use of open standards and often products. This is especially true when it comes to having an open web. I am in turn also a proponent of net neutrality.

What I’ve been up to

  • Being Chair of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Honors Board
  • Finishing up college
  • Writing my blog
  • Learning system administration skills
  • Working on my programming

Software Engineer and Mathematician